Frequently Asked Questions about our Extract and Process:

Q: What is Carolina Sweet Crude ?

A: The TRUE form of a Full Spectrum Extract. Through our proprietary process of extraction, we selectively extract only the desired compounds from high grade hemp biomass and flower. We remove the Cannabinoids and Terpenes from the biomass, while leaving behind undesirable compounds such as waxes, fats/lipids, chlorophyll, and other water-soluble plant compounds.

Q: How are you able to provide such a high quality product?

A: We use a highly selective Sub-Critical Cold CO2 extraction process, which uses liquid CO2 at very low temperatures and pressures to gently extract target compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes). The result is a pure extract that does not require additional post processing to be used for retail products.


Q: Why is your extraction method best?

A: Most other extraction methods (Ethanol and Supercritical CO2) require the use of polar solvents throughout the process in order to extract and post-process the final product. Our process does not use any solvents, only using naturally occurring CO2 which we recapture (95% on Avg.) and reuse through the process.

Q: Your product costs more than other “Crude” extracts on the market, why?

A: With customers growing in their understanding of botanical extracts and conversion ratios there are many variables to consider when comparing extracts available on the market. For example, many “Crude” extracts on the market are extracted using Ethanol. In the post-processing steps to "clean" ethanol crude, the first is winterizing the product. This requires the use of additional solvents and extremely cold temperatures (-40F to -80F), to congeal fats, waxes, and water-soluble compounds. These compounds are filtered out of the solvent/extract mix, then the solvents are removed. In the process, the typical mass loss of the starting extract can be from 20-30%. If 1kg of ethanol crude sells for $1000, then once the fats and waxes are removed (25% on Average) the cost of a KG of "usable" ethanol crude is $1,333.33 /kg, but the resulting extract likely contains residual solvent and very little to no terpenes.

Q: Other than price, how does the quality of Carolina Sweet Crude compare
to other extracts?

A: In the post-processing of other solvent containing extracts, most extractors decarboxylate. This causes the conversion of Cannabinoid Acids (CBD-A, CBG-A, THC-A, etc.) to convert to the decarboxylated forms (CBD, CBG, THC, etc.). While this can be a good thing for some products, it also irreversible changes the composition of the extract, which also removes the benefits of the Cannabinoid Acids, which has an increasing amount of documented therapeutic benefits, especially for acute treatment through topical applications.

If a customer needs a Decarboxylated extract, we can also provide this process on an as needed basis.

In addition to preserving Cannabinoid Acids, we want to preserve Cannabis 
Terpenes, due the similarities of properties of Solvents and Terpenes.

Research has shown the benefits of utilizing natural Terpenes in a full spectrum extract, due to the Entourage Effect. Think of the benefits of aromatherapy Therapy, that utilizes natural plant terpenes. Now imagine the benefits coupled to a full cannabinoid profile. We see an average concentration of 3-5% of terpenes in our full spectrum extract. This is a winning combination in full spectrum hemp extract tinctures.